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I am so blessed to have an amazing family. My boys are my rock and they have given me such joy. My oldest son lives in Charlotte and my youngest is in pre-kindergarten. My husband has been very supportive in all my adventures and proud of my accomplishments in real estate which we celebrated at my brokerage’s Awards Gala. 

With a passion for helping others, Sara has been dedicated to helping families her entire career! With a Masters Degree in Special Education, Sara taught in the elementary school setting for 12 years before becoming a Realtor. Her skills as a professional has allowed her to continue helping families from the classroom to homeowners. Going the extra mile has always been second nature! She has strong communication skills with her clients so they fully understand the home buying/selling process. Sara understands that families have different needs and she really listens to those needs. She is always patient and always goes beyond your expectations!

Sara enjoys staying busy and is always reading or learning to keep up with current real estate & marketing trends. You can’t take the Educator out of her! She’s honest too so if she doesn’t know the answer to any of your questions, be sure-she’ll find out quickly and will be excited to learn something new herself.

Sara has had a background in real estate even before becoming an agent. Married to a certified professional building designer, Sara has helped her husband with his business by working with builders, assisting with his clients on home design & assisting with their home needs. Sara likes to stay busy but she also enjoys down time with her husband and two boys. She also likes volunteering within the community and helping at her old school by helping her former teachers and mentoring students in need.

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